9 Decorating Trends for 2021 to Transform Your Home

The pandemic ended up transforming the lives and routine of many people, and it also ended up influencing the choice of interior design for the year 2021. Among the colours chosen by Pantone, decorative objects and styles of environments, everything leads to a trend decoration permitting the home to cosier and functional.

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Integrated environments

One of the 2021 decoration trends that will guarantee more functionality and dynamism for your home is the integrated environments.

The great advantage of houses with integrated environments is the better circulation through the spaces, breaking the visual barriers and giving the feeling of larger rooms.

Also, the integrated environments allow better communication between people, which makes the whole family closer and together, making the house more practical and welcoming.


Another great 2021 decoration trend is the use of wood, which can be present in floors, wall coverings and, of course, furniture and countertops for the kitchen or bathroom.

Wood is a great way to warm up environments and bring a more welcoming feeling to the decorated spaces, also, it harmonizes very easily with different styles of decoration. From a rustic, modern, industrial or even minimalist space, wood can always make your environment more welcoming and beautiful.

Boucle fabric

Used in armchairs, sofas and even puffs, the Boucle fabric has a soft touch that will bring more warmth and texture to your decor.

Besides, furniture made with the Bouclé fabric also brings a modern air to the decorated spaces, especially when found in rounded designs bringing a unique charm to the decor, and can also be combined with other textures to make your environment even more interesting and with impeccable decor.

Connect with nature

In addition to wood, another way to bring nature into the home is through flowers and plants and they will be on the rise in interior design in 2021.

In addition to the traditional potted plants that can be used to decorate different environments in your home, it is also interesting to invest in a vertical garden for balconies, bathrooms or even for the living room.

This 2021 decoration trend will help you connect with nature without leaving your home, and guarantee a lighter and fresher decoration for your home.


Another material that is among the 2021 decoration trends are metals that can be present in furniture and decorative objects as a support for plant pots, niches, lamps among others.

The metal will guarantee a contemporary air with an industrial style in the decorated environments, with the black finish and oxidized metals being the biggest trends.

Smart homes

Home automation is a 2020 trend that will remain in 2021. Because, as we are all staying more inside our homes, the use of technology can help us make our own home much more practical and dynamic.

Among the benefits of home automation, we can mention the use of the voice command to turn appliances on and off, open and close doors and windows, in addition to being able to turn on and off the lights in the rooms or even change colours to make the space cosier, clearer, more fun among others.

Home office space

One of the biggest changes that the pandemic has brought to our lives was the great growth in remote work that will continue in the year 2021.

Therefore, even in small houses, it is important to have a separate corner to set up a home office, and for this, in addition to a good workbench and a suitable chair, it is also necessary to think about lighting and storage space to maintain its environment well-organized work environment.

Natural lighting

Large windows with light curtains are also among the 2021 decoration trends because natural lighting allows environments to be lighter and also makes us feel better indoors, enjoying the sunlight and having a good atmosphere. ventilated, providing more well-being.

Neon light

Neon light arrives to revolutionize the decor, especially when it comes to decorating the room. With modern and colourful models, the neon lamp in the room decoration can create a different and super comfortable atmosphere for your moments of rest and it is among the biggest trends for decoration of 2021.