How to brighten up your living space

The best way to enhance a space is to increase the amount of natural light, since this will act as an emotional stimulant and make the proportions of your home appear bigger. Here are some suggestions on how to create a light and bright living area, in the process enhancing your wellbeing.

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Your walls should be neutral shades of white, grey or cream, as dark colours absorb light. Paler shades will instantly lift the room, while you can add touches of colour using accessories. If you follow the advice of the Independent, a colourful rug can add a nod to the Impressionists, while prints by famous artists from this era provide a colourful touch on the walls.

Work with reflections

Furniture should be in lighter hues, with tables featuring glass, white marble or pale-toned wood.

Mirrors can work very well in dark areas, such as stairwells and corridors, as they can reflect light around your house. You can also enhance rooms by utilising large display mirrors or mirrored accessories. Other reflective surfaces might include crystal photo frames and glass collectables. You can also use glass, mirrors and crystal in lighting fixtures.

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Using glass to effect

Adding glass panels to doors or creating wall-to-wall glass will flood your house with light, while bi-folding doors can be a good way of enhancing our natural light supply. For advice check out a specialist such as the Dublin windows and doors company

If you add a conservatory, roof windows allow the sun to enter from high above, ensuring a direct and intense source of uplifting natural light. You can also consider getting rid of any dark or heavy curtains, going instead for lightweight and sheer materials.

A tip for instant brightness is to buy bright white LED bulbs. You could also try adding table lamps to boost light levels in your environment. If any furniture or plants are blocking the light, shift them to the opposite side of the room to where the light enters.

Floors with a high shine are successful at making a room seem lighter, and it helps if you have pale wood boards. Abolish carpets, which can suck in natural light.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a good de-clutter. Shift stuff, clean marks off the walls and dust your surfaces for an instantaneous brightening effect.