Oblivious reasons tree planting is still the best thing to do

One of the reasons people plant trees is to provide shade and beautify the landscape around the house or office. These are great benefits but provide more benefits than is accentuated and oblivious. You may even ask yourself why you need trees around your home? Reading reviews on ReviewsBird.com would provide you with a range of benefits in planting trees around your home.

Economic benefits of trees

Furniture stores rely on the use of trees to make furniture which would be sold in these stores so this provides a market for people in the upholstery industry.

Well-placed trees reduce the cost of cooling in the summer by providing shade for the home, for deciduous trees allow the sun to penetrate and warm the home in cases of winter.

If you are going to sell a property, then you must know that people value properties with trees higher, with an estimate 10% higher than similar homes with no trees around.

Evergreen trees around the Northside of your home help act as windbreaks to reduce the cooling effect of winter winds.

Environmental benefits of trees

It is no news that trees provide the source of oxygen we breathe, if you notice you are not breathing clean air around your home, do ensure you plant a tree.

Trees are also known to reduce the amount of water runoff, which reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways and may reduce the effects of flooding.

Trees are also habitats for wildlife as they provide food, protection, and homes for different species of birds and mammals.

Trees also serve as a filter from harmful dust, and pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxide from the air we breathe.

Social benefits of trees

Research has shown that spending time around trees is known to reduce the amount of stress one may be facing from work or other related activities.

Other research has also shown that hospital patients do recover from surgery more quickly when hospital rooms allow them to see trees, sounds obnoxious but it’s research.

Children have been found to retain more information when taught outdoors in green spaces.

In some cultures, trees are planted in memory or as reminders of loved ones who may have passed away or to commemorate a significant event in one’s life.

The communal benefit of trees

Trees do not only benefit the owners but also people who come around them, so it is often advisable to plant trees in your home as not only you would benefit from them but your neighbors and friends who come around.

Trees can be an asset to the community, there are certain trees recognized as economic trees, this means they can be cut down for economic purposes which would yield great returns for the community of person who may have planted them.

Trees are known to complement the architecture or design of buildings or the entire neighborhood.

There are lots of other oblivious benefits of planting trees, benefits a lot of people downplay or don’t see clearly.