These are the Requirements If You Want to Plant Shade Trees

To make your yard feel cool — and maybe you can put up a hammock and then you lie down and enjoy the fresh air — you plan to plant a large shade tree in your yard.

Planting shade trees in the yard can cool the air around it. However, its relatively large size makes you have to plan in detail before deciding to plant it. The following are some tips for planting shade trees.

Not adjacent to the terrace

Trees should not be planted too close to the terrace of the house. Shade tree roots will develop rapidly, risking damage to your floor.

Better, plant it in an area that is some distance from the terrace, or you can also cross your house — for example, if there is a small garden in front of the house that borders a ditch.

Choose a small shade plant

We recommend that you choose shady plants whose wooden stems are not too big but have lush leaves. Large logs will damage surrounding areas, such as gutters or roofs if they are located close to trees. You can hire tree service Racine to maintain and take care of your tree.

Pay attention to the area of ​​the garden

Having shade trees is cool, but make sure you have a large yard. If the yard is too narrow, the shade trees will actually make the house feel dark. You also have to be diligent in pruning the stems and leaves that are getting longer.

Pay attention to the fate of other plants

Having a large shade tree means that you have to be willing if there are no flowers or green grass at the bottom of the tree.

The leaves of the tree will block sunlight from illuminating the area under the tree, making them unsuitable for planting flowers. However, you can use tree trunks as an area to plant orchids, but make sure the orchids are also slightly exposed to the sun.

Strong roots

Make sure the tree has roots that are strong enough so that it doesn’t collapse quickly in the wind or heavy rain. Also reduce small, fast-growing branches to reduce leaf litter under the tree.