Tips on Caring for a Minimalist Home Exterior Wall

In addition to paying attention to minimalist home design, care is the most important factor that must also be considered. Doing maintenance on the exterior wall of a minimalist house is very important so that the house is maintained and protected by its beauty. Houses that have unattractive exterior walls can give an unfavorable impression on the occupants. But on the contrary, if the house that paints the walls is always maintained, of course, gives a positive impression for visitors who come to visit your home. Therefore, if you need the best exterior cleaning service, just call the C & S Pressure Cleaning.

Tips on Caring for a Minimalist Home Exterior Wall to Be More Durable

Caring for the exterior walls of a house does require certain tricks so that the rock and paint look durable and shiny. Exposure to sunlight can damage the condition of the house paint easily. Not only that, but humid conditions can facilitate the appearance of mold so that it can peel the paint on the walls of the house. Below are some ways to take care of minimalist home walls to make it more durable:

  1. Choose Quality Home Paint

Minimalist house with quality walls can be produced from quality wall paint. We recommend choosing a wall paint that withstands extreme weather exposure and is durable. Paint on the interior and exterior of the house is different. In the interior of the house is usually more recommended minimalist and environmentally friendly paint. Whereas on the exterior of the house generally, the selected wall paint has a stronger character than the interior. Quality wall paint is usually more durable and does not peel even if used for 4 years.

  • Paint the walls of a bright house

To apply the exterior wall paint of the house, choose a bright paint color. The choice of paint colors in minimalist home design is very good, especially on exterior walls because it has less pigment. Brightly colored wall paint is also not easy to fade, so you do not need to bother anymore to repaint the walls of your home. As for some of the recommended color choices are green, brown, and others.

  • Using Natural Stone

If you are bored seeing the arrangement of bricks with a layer of cement and paint, then you can apply natural rock to be used as an exterior wall in a minimalist home. The advantages that can be obtained from the use of natural stone is very easy to clean even if only by using water alone. If exposed to dirt, it is enough to brush with soap and rinse using water. Such advantages are very suitable as recommendations for the exterior of your home.

  • The use of quality cement

To make it easier to maintain regularly and avoid repairs that require a very large cost, it is better to use quality cement as an adhesive. There are a lot of recommendations for the use of good cement and you just have to choose which one is suitable to be used as an adhesive. The most important thing is the composition of mixing cement with water plus sand. Because mixing is the most important thing that must be considered, even if you use quality cement.

For those of you who choose natural stone material on the porch, it is very important to take proper care of the natural stone. Moreover, natural stone has a rough and uneven texture, so it can be the most ideal place for dust and dirt. Besides being easier to dust, minimalist home design with natural stone can also make it easier to mossy if not properly treated. You can also coat the surface of natural stone using a special coating to make it look beautiful.