When Do Windows Need Replaced and What Does the Process Involve?

Did you know that homeowners in the UK spend, on average, 11% of their monthly incomes on maintenance and repair work to their home and premises? If you turn a blind eye to needed maintenance within the home, you could face serious issues down the line. As a homeowner, your focus should be that of always staying at least one step ahead of needed repairs.

One of the biggest concerns that homeowners have is that of making their homes as energy-efficient as possible. The windows in your home have a big part to play in reaching this goal. Time takes its toll on windows and they will eventually start to show signs that they require replacement. In this case, it might be time to consider triple glazing.

Window replacement should be carried out by professionals. It can be a recipe for disaster when a homeowner attempts to carry out this specialised work themselves. Calling the professionals will mean that the result is a good and accurate one.

How Do You Know that Your Windows Need Replacing?

You will need to carry out regular inspection work to ensure your home is always maintained. Your regular inspections should include analysing every inch of your home.

Checking the condition of your windows is vital as part of this inspection. Frames that are broken or windows that have damage are all signs that a replacement is very much needed.

Old windows equal higher energy bills for the home, but they also mean that your HVAC unit has to work harder than it should. This continual extra pressure can lead to issues within the system, however, replacing older windows on time can alleviate this risk.

Water Damage Problems

Water is one of the most damaging things that a home can be exposed to. The job of a window is to stop water from coming into the home. However, older windows can start to mean that water damage becomes a real treat to your home.

Procrastinating and leaving the problem too long to fix can lead to structural damage. Water that comes in behind the window will generally cause wood rot or even structural issues to your home.

What is Involved in the Window Installation Process?

If you have identified the need for window replacement, it is time to get in contact with the professionals. It is a complex task to remove old windows and install new ones, hence why you certainly do not want to take on the task yourself. Below we will explain a little more about the process.

Taking Measurements Comes First

The majority of homeowners have no idea just how many different window types are available. It is vital to take measurements if the right window is going to be installed.

A professional window fitter will first measure your window jamb to ensure that the correct window is ordered. Once the professional has the height and the width of the current window they have all they need to order the correct new window.

Removing the Old Window is a Fragile Task

Trying to get the old window out without the know-how is only going to end in disaster. Professional installers know how to carefully remove the trim and window stops. After removing these elements they will remove pulleys, sash weighs, or other things that may be in place.

Installing the New Window

Finally, the process ends with installing the new window. Many professionals will carry out a rough install first to make sure that the window is the correct fit.

Once the fit has been confirmed, the professional will start the nail and caulk process. To achieve a very tight fit, shims may need to be used. Usually, shims are used where small gaps are present when the new window has been installed.