9 Decorating Trends for 2021 to Transform Your Home

The pandemic ended up transforming the lives and routine of many people, and it also ended up influencing the choice of interior design for the year 2021. Among the colours chosen by Pantone, decorative objects and styles of environments, everything leads to a trend decoration permitting the home to cosier and functional.

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Integrated environments

One of the 2021 decoration trends that will guarantee more functionality and dynamism for your home is the integrated environments.

The great advantage of houses with integrated environments is the better circulation through the spaces, breaking the visual barriers and giving the feeling of larger rooms.

Also, the integrated environments allow better communication between people, which makes the whole family closer and together, making the house more practical and welcoming.


Another great 2021 decoration trend is the use of wood, which can be present in floors, wall coverings and, of course, furniture and countertops for the kitchen or bathroom.…