Natural ways to clean wood floors

Wood is a natural product, and it just doesn’t feel right to use chemical sprays on a wood floor. Apart from that, we’re all more aware of chemical pollution inside our homes, so householders are looking for natural alternatives that they can use to clean their floors.

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Don’t forget to remove all dirt and grit before you start working on a wooden floor. Otherwise the buffing and rubbing may scratch the floor. The good news is that you can use ordinary household materials to do the cleaning job.

Sounds like a salad dressing – but your floor will eat it up

A spray made up of lemon juice, olive oil and water may sound like a salad dressing, but it actually combines ingredients that will effectively clean and nourish the floor. The lemon juice helps lift the dirt out, while the olive oil conditions the wood and helps stop splits or cracks.

Black tea

Sounds like the last thing you’d want on a floor but the tannic acid in the tea will clean and shine the floor. You need about two litres of water, and ten tea bags, brewed up and cooled. But don’t slosh the tea on …